Winter is coming.



Winter is nigh, and I live in NW Ohio. Help me, gods, can I survive another winter here?

I’m extremely sensitive to the cold. Anything much lower than 75 degrees is chilly to me, even though I’m a NW Ohioan born and raised. And my grown ass still lives here.

It’s times like this that make me wish I lived somewhere nice and warm and sunny all year round.

But…. The bugs… Like. Gigantic spiders and beetles and flying roaches. NO THANK YOU. Plus, all that sun would make me dark as hell. I never burn or anything. I just…. darken. Very quickly. And I rather like my skin tone the way it is. Some people can pull off the dark chocolate, but I don’t think I’m one of those people. >.>

Also! Sorry I skipped last Monday. Seasonal allergies took me out. I was out of commission. All because the seasons are changing… for the worst.


Dear god why.

… But, while I huddle up with blankets, I can sleep and rest assured, knowing that cane spiders are faaaar faaaar away….


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